What is it like to stay on the mission base and work for BTN? Some of our volunteers share their thoughts.

ManningPoello (South African)

Grade 4 Monitor

"My name is Poello Kikine. I started living on the base in 2015. I am so thankful for this opportunity the Lord has given to study ECD. I am blessed to have people in leadership who see the best in me and who want what is best for me. They help me grow spiritually and lead me closer to God. I am filled with hope as I lay my life in God's hands. I am truly blessed to be here!"

Daphney (South African)

Preschool Supervisor and ECD Lecturer

"I first heard about the school in 1999 and for many years just knew where it was situated, but I finally joined the team in 2004. I served in the preschool and was trained by many people on how to work with kids and to use the ACE system. Mr & Mrs Palmer also gave me the opportunity to study and become qualified as an ECD teacher for which I am so grateful. In my time here, I have learned to pray, trust and wait on the Lord while watching Him at work. It is a blessing to be a part of God's work!"

ZacRené (South African)

Senior Learning Centre Supervisor

"Getting here was an act of God and a step of faith. Never did I think that God would call me to become a teacher, let alone a missionary teacher! But I would not change it for the world. The Spiritual reward I receive from working with my kids outweighs any challenge I face. God taught me so much through them, just like 'iron sharpens iron'. One of the biggest things I have learned here is I'm independent, yet dependent on God. You learn a lot here, about yourself and about God. With that said, challenges do come, but we are all overcomers in Christ. This has become my second family and I'll stay for as long as God needs me to"

Jacques & BlydaMarian (South African)

Learning Centre Supervisor

A trip to Victoria Falls, delicious, well-prepared meals, beautiful surroundings, and living with a community of wonderful Christians are some of the things I've enjoyed since coming to the BTN Base in January, 2013, to teach at the school. Although I had no prior experience with the Accelerated Christian Education system, the program guided me to become a more efficient teacher. This has been a wonderful time where I have learnt a lot. Being part of this community has inspired me to appreciate others more and to desire, above all else, to serve our Lord Jesus.

ZacHeidi (South African)

Grade 1 Supervisor

When I came to the mission base I was supposed to stay three months, but have now been here for nine years! I have grown so much being here and I have enjoyed working in the school office and Learning Centres, and going on mission trips to Zambia, Botswana, and Namibia.

There have been many challenges but God has always been there for me. I have met so many wonderful people. God has put me into a wonderful family. You will grow here as God works in your life."

Jacques & BlydaBrendon & Tilla (South African)

School Pastor and Preschool Supervisor

I came to Shayandima as a volunteer in January 1995. Since then God has led me to stay here and continue to serve in the school.

Over the years I have experienced God's provision in amazing ways. He made it possible for me to complete a degree in theology and a diploma in education. He also caused me to meet my wife here. We've been blessed with three beautiful children and continue to see God's provision in our day-to-day lives. God is amazing!


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