Mission Trips

The mission base is located in northern South Africa, close to the borders of Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, which makes it ideal as a start point for international mission trips.

We organize several mission trips a year, which any of our missionaries are welcome to participate in - though they do have an additional cost. Each mission trip is different, but we usually travel to very poor and needy parts of Southern Africa.

We always go with the purpose of blessing the people we meet as much as we can. We take food, clothes, blankets, soap, tracts, and other items to give away.

Mission trips are always a fantastic blessing to the people we meet, and an exciting and worthwhile adventure to go on!

We also organize mission trips for other churches and organizations. Contact us for details.

Giving a soccer ball in Zimbabawe
In Botswana
Blessing a Zimbabwean lad with a soccer ball
On the way to do hospital evangelism and outreach in Botswana
Giving sweets in Mozambique
Giving school supplies to a rural school
Giving essential food and clothes to a poor Mozambican family
Giving pens and excercise books to students in a poor rural school
Typical African village
Typical African village

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